Businesses that want to succeed in a specific industry often need to target millennials to attract professionals who are skilled and talented. Millennials are often particular about where they work, which makes it necessary to make specific adjustments to the workplace that attract more people from Generation Y. With a few of these tips, you can count on attracting younger adults that are loyal to the company.

Be Flexible

Flexibility is necessary for companies who want to have a team of millennials. Millennials may or may not like the regular 9 to 5 job where they sit in a cubicle and have the same routine. Consider allowing your team members to set their own hours to ensure it can accommodate their schedules and even help them to avoid rush hour traffic during their commute. Offering remote work will also be an attractive perk that works to your advantage and can allow you to save money with how much office space you rent and will accommodate busy parents. Be flexible in your benefits, as well. For example, LivingSocial employees can work from home or the office — or even abroad! Flexibility is a small sacrifice on the company’s part and will allow you to attract more talent.

Show You Care About the Environment

Millennials care about the environment and prefer to work for companies that share the same value. Many companies have embraced this way of thinking. doTERRA made the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation to show they care about ethically sourced products. You can consider powering your office with alternative energy or utilize green web hosting to show you’re environmentally conscious. Most green companies end up spending even less than companies that are relying on fossil fuels.

Use the Latest Tech

Millennials are known for wanting to utilize the latest technology, both at home and in the workplace. Research the tech tools your competitors use and connect everything to a cloud to ensure the work can be conducted on any type of device. You’ll notice the employees have more productivity and enjoy their work more if they have the latest products at their fingertips. A good example of this is Google — they’re famous for their perks, from nap capsules to working with futuristic tech that most people haven’t even heard of! Oh, and by the way, if you want to mesh with millennials, you’ll also want to avoid banning the use of social media at work.

Although it may be an investment to make adjustments to your company to attract millennial talent, it will allow you to build a team of professionals that have fresh perspectives. You can reduce your turnover rate and also make your company more competitive in the industry.

Another great way to appeal more to millennials is to have a coworking space instead of the traditional office. Check out our membership options today!

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