Your dream has finally come true, and you’re starting your own business. As time progresses, however, you may find that you get extremely lonely. Many entrepreneurs find that they arrive at the office before the sun gets up and often go home way after sunset. Many people also work seven days a week. If you’re one of those who admits to being lonely, then there are several things that you can do to feel connected to others.

Invest in Coworking

Investing in a coworking space is a great way to be surrounded by others. Additionally, these spaces often have meeting rooms and other services, making them a great place to work on occasion. Many find that working in these spaces is a good way to meet other professionals who are as dedicated to building their own success as you are to building yours. These individuals get the commitment needed to build a company, but they also understand the loneliness.

Network, Network, Network

Each individual has his or her own set of skills, talents, and experiences. When you network, you can learn from those experiences without having to make the same mistake. Open yourself up to others who are going through similar experiences because together you will be stronger. Make connections with people in and out of your industry. Franchise Gator recommends, “get involved in the community and network. Getting your and your company’s name out there as much as you possibly can is crucial to building your business. Not only that, but by modeling the actions of others in your network who are already succeeding, it’s often easier to achieve your own success.”

Take Time Off

While it can be difficult to take time off when you’re building a business, it’s essential or else you’ll burn out. Try reconnecting with those you love in a natural setting, as it will improve your mental health. PercentoTech explains: “while it may be hard to turn loose for a week or more, try taking an afternoon off and having a spontaneous date with your child or your loved one at the zoo or along a riverbank. Find an activity that you’re passionate about and force yourself to go do it once a month.” Even if it’s just visiting the coffee shop down the street, changing your working environment often will give you time to recharge your batteries.

Building a business can be difficult. Make time to connect with others while alleviating your loneliness. The result will be that you stay committed and passionate as you build your business.

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