One of the latest trends in career trajectory is the coworking office space arrangement. These membership-based workplaces promote community and diversity and are an ideal place for freelancers and contract workers to find affordable office space while connecting with other like-minded professionals. When choosing your coworking office, location is everything. Here are four of the best perks of coworking in Southern California.

Beautiful Climate

Clearly, one of the biggest draws of living and working in Southern California is its moderate climate and days of unending sunshine. Commuters in Southern California do not have to deal with the hassle of ice, snow, and other unfavorable weather conditions disrupting their trip to the office each day. The abundant sunshine is a boon for those professionals looking to settle down in an area that provides endless outdoor recreational opportunities. From enjoying a day spent in wine country to spending the day at the beach, California provides the ideal climate to enjoy a variety of activities. You’ll have plenty to do once you’re off the clock. 

Proximity to Theme Parks

It is no secret that Southern California is flush with a variety of theme parks that offer countless hours of fun to its residents. By working and living in this area, you can take advantage of the close proximity to many of the world’s best theme parks at reasonable prices. Disneyland offers special discounts that are only available to residents of Southern California. You will never be bored on your days off with so many fun adventures just a short drive away.

Favorable Business Climate

The favorable business climate of the entire Southern California region makes it an exceptional place to put your roots down and get to work. A spirit of innovation and capitalism abounds in the area, ensuring that workers have what they need to grow their business and careers. The region continues to draw in more business opportunities, making it an ideal place to launch a coworking enterprise. California is also home to the famous Silicon Valley, the heart of technology in America. It is home to many tech companies including Apple, Google, Facebook, eBay and a wealth of tech startups as well.

Laid-Back Work Culture

The laid-back vibe of Southern California spills over to its work culture. By coworking in Southern California, you will be rewarded with the benefits of a casual workplace and relaxed dress code. Professionals in Southern California embrace the amazing weather and do not hesitate to work outside and enjoy the amenities in the area. It is often acceptable to take off on your lunch break and go for a run along the beach or to hit up a Friday happy hour with your coworkers to kick off the weekend.

Coworking provides professionals with the ability to work wherever they want. With so many benefits, it is no surprise that Southern California continues to be a big draw for those workers with flexibility.

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