As more and more work is done outside of the office, teams need a way to ensure cohesion while being separated by distance, schedules and time zones. The digital age that made this trend possible also has some solutions to offer in the form of project management software, and picking the right one can make everyone’s life easier. Whether you want to boost productivity or foster clear communication, here are some options that can help.

Microsoft Project Online

This product is an all-inclusive platform that allows teams and their leaders to collaborate in real time. This software also offers lots of custom development features to tailor it directly to your business and project needs. You can manage resources and track time so that clients can be accurately billed, and a variety of reports allow you to visualize data in intuitive ways. In other words, you’ll be able to see where you can be more efficient and where you need to improve.

CA Clarity PPM

This software also provides teams with the ability to stay connected, but it has some additional features that make it unique. Roadmaps allow you to see goals and progress at a glance so that the big picture never gets lost in the details. One of the more interesting features this product offers is the ability to generate scoreboards for team members. Healthy competition can boost productivity and gives your team a chance to engage in some fun while getting work done.


Identifying the right person for a job can be tricky, but it is critical to success. Oracle’s software allows you to create detailed employee profiles that you can search for features relevant to tasks. You can also integrate this database across projects by building maps that contain the go/no go decisions that require matching experience levels. Essentially, this software prioritizes integration across features.

Which software is right for you depends on what your needs and company values are. You may want to be sure your team can communicate effectively, or you may want to be able to see everything everyone is working on at once. It’s all part of finding what optimizes productivity in your network of team members. The good news is that each product offers some basic features any project management software needs, so which direction you choose to go can be tailored to you.

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